BB LAB Nutty Grain Fermented Enzyme 30 Sticks (1-month supply)
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    BB LAB Nutty Grain Fermented Enzyme 30 Sticks (1-month supply)


    The nutty grain fermented enzyme is a product that can be filled with delicious enzymes for a comfortable day. If you are suffering from binge eating, overeating, late night eating, bloated stomachs, or irregular meals, BB Lab nutty grain fermented enzyme is recommended for the moment you need enzymes.
    Enzymes are a protein catalyst that is involved every metabolic activity in our body, and it is an important substance that helps the smooth breakdown and absorption of food.
    BB Lab Nutty Grain Fermented Enzyme was manufactured through a safe and strict manufacturing process at a domestic HACCP-certified manufacturing facility.
    Recommended for those who suffer from bloated stomachs, those who enjoy eating flour and meat, those who have irregular eating habits such as late-night meals and overeating, those who consume little grain or vegetables, and those who want healthy and delicious enzymes.
    As it is a powder form, it is possible to consume a packet as it is, another packet with milk or soy milk, and another packet with yogurt and salad.

    Take one packet per day. You can take it whenever you need enzymes, but it is recommended to take it with plenty of water after a meal rather than before a meal. The nutty grain fermented enzyme is an enzyme full of healthy nutrients and can be consumed for a long time. The nutty grain fermented enzyme is an enzyme food and can be consumed together with other health functional foods. Because enzymes are weak against heat and will lose nutrients if mixed into hot water or hot food, so it is recommended to take them with mildly warm or cool water.

    With 400,000 units of carbohydrate degrading enzyme (alpha-amylase) and 1,500 units of protease (protease), it has a high enzyme activity of 401,500 units per packet, so it is suitable for modern eating habits and fills you up with healthy enzymes.
    It aids in easy digestion even after binge eating, overeating, and late night eating through a complex formula that contains ingredients such as alpha-amylase which breaks down carbohydrates, protease which breaks down proteins, alpha-amylase which breaks down both carbohydrates and proteins, protease, alpha-amylase which further breaks down carbohydrates and proteins, and protease.
    15 kinds of nutritious grains are added to give the delicious nutty taste of bean flour and rice cake. It is a safe soybean paste-derived edible strain and fermented grains full of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber to enhance both taste and nutrient absorption.
    13 kinds of vitamins & minerals, 9 kinds of amino acids, and 12 kinds of fruit & vegetable mixed powders are added to provide a balanced nutritional intake. It completes healthy enzymes that contain the taste and aroma of the grain itself by avoiding chemical additives such as HPMC, annatto pigment, and CMC-ca.

    BB LAB Nutty Grain Fermented Enzyme 30 Sticks (1-month supply)
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