espoir Pro Tailor Be Velvet Cover Cushion 15g  Special Original + Refill
espoir Pro Tailor Be Velvet Cover Cushion 15g  Special Original + Refill
espoir Pro Tailor Be Velvet Cover Cushion 15g  Special Original + Refill

    espoir Pro Tailor Be Velvet Cover Cushion 15g Special Original + Refill

    $38.80 $50.00
    $38.80 $50.00

    This cushion has strong coverage, but a thin texture, matte, not-too-dry and most importantly long-lasting.
    Be Velvet Cushion is thin but provides powerful coverage.
    This products has amazing coverage with a comfort matte and long-lasting. A new matte texture product recommended by espoir for expressing a base that is as thin as your skin.
    For a thin cover, apply the contents on the back of your hand or on a palette.
    Provides enough coverage with a small amount.
    White Sapphire Powder (ALUMINA) with upgraded coverage that eliminates blemishes at once.
    It is a power-lasting formula that fixes clean skin without collapsing, and breaks the prejudice of ‘cushion cannot last as long as foundation.
    Gives a thin but powerful cover boosting with a soft, intimate puff.
    This product has a transparent logo detail, diagonal motif and signature red color.
    Pro Tailor Be Velvet Cover Cushion SPF34 PA++ is suitable for oily skin that wants perfect coverage and a long-lasting velvet matte feeling.
    Pro Tailor Be Glow Cushion All New SPF42 PA++ is suitable for dry skin and oily skin that wants moist glowing skin.
    Pro Tailor Be Silk Cushion SPF42 PA++ is a semi-matte type suitable for oily and dry skin that wants a smooth glossy coverage.
    Pro Tailor Be Powder Cushion SPF42 PA++ is a powder-matte type suitable for oily skin that wants a softness with no residue.
    The cushion gives a soft, powdery finish, making it possible to provide stronger coverage and appliance.
    Compared to Be Silk, it applies thinner but with stronger coverage.
    Express perfect velvety skin with vivid texture by layering it with a cushion on the part that needs cover.
    Be Velvet Cushion has excellent durability by itself.
    Create a synergy by using together with a product that enhances makeup adhesion when applying base.
    Use moisturizing sunscreen at the base stage after a moisturizing skin care to express soft, dry skin without lifting.

    Lightly take the contents on the puff and spread it thinly by tapping.
    The soft and flexible premium texture puff layers the formula thinner and closer to the skin which completes velvety skin.
    If you are worried about smudging from the light, thin texture, divide the puff in half and apply with the first half, then tap the area that touches the mask with the clean side of the other half for better coverage.

    It is a product with 4 ivory color shades exclusive to eSpoir, designed based on clear colorimetry data.
    No.13, No.20 has a recommended vanilla product.
    No.21 has a recommended ivory product.
    No.22 has a recommended petal product.
    No.23 has a recommended beige product.
    If you have yellow skin and want a bright feeling, the vanilla color is recommended.
    If you have redness and want a natural coverage, the ivory color is recommend.

    This product has been certified by Eve Vegan France.
    Paraben-free, allergy-causing fragrance-free, free of 7 types of harmful ingredients(animal ingredient, paraben, talc, polyacrylamide, tar pigment, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine) that is suitable for sensitive skin use.
    This product passed the hypoallergenic test and the primary stimulation test for sensitive skin.
    This moisturizing skincare oil + moisture primer.
    Triple moisturizing polyol + PHA + panthenol best for moisturizing texture. The contents of the Be Velvet Cover Cushion and all sub materials such as cases and puffs have been certified by Eve Vegan France.
    This product does not use animal-derived raw ingredients and is cruelty-free.

    espoir Pro Tailor Be Velvet Cover Cushion 15g*2 Special Original + Refill + Mini Cushion
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