numbuzin No. 3 Super Glowing Essence Toner 300mL Special (+ No. 3 Super Glowing 5ea Kit)

    numbuzin No. 3 Super Glowing Essence Toner 300mL Special (+ No. 3 Super Glowing 5ea Kit)

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    $40.00 $43.00

    A radiant essence toner with 50 fermented ingredients, Numbuzin's No. 3 Toner Full Glow contains all of these ingredients.
    A clear improvement in gloss, transparency, moisture level, and skin barrier was confirmed, demonstrating the amazing skin improvement effect of No. 3 toner; in the evaluation test, after 2 weeks of use, the skin radiance improved by 52.89%, the skin appeared to have become moisturized after using the product by 95%, the absorption of the product was satisfied by 100%, and the overall satisfaction with the product was 100%. The No. 3 toner's unmatched effect, which has been proven through qualified clinical trials, is now immediately apparent.
    Recommended for skin issues like a dry, lackluster complexion, extreme dryness, and lack of elasticity.
    Even after two weeks of use, this product gives skin that glows. You can complete glowing skin from the inside with just one toner if the lack of glow, the sign of luxurious skin, has mysteriously vanished.
    Clinical results after 2 weeks of use demonstrated a 52.89% improvement in skin radiance and a 4.74% improvement in skin radiance, demonstrating how condensation's effect changed significantly after just 2 weeks of use. Complete your nutrition and enjoy the overpowering glow care effect of healthy skin.
    It is a cosmetic product made from fermented ingredients that gradually improves the tone and texture of the skin by boosting the skin's innate strength as a bottle is steadily emptied.
    It is an essence toner full of radiance that differs from water toners so that you can deliver rich nourishment and a moisturizing feeling as if it were essence with just one toner, allowing you to see clear and moist skin every day.
    Its effectiveness was demonstrated by clinical results after two weeks of use, which showed improvements in transepidermal water loss (skin barrier) and skin moisture of 6.56% and 4.95%, respectively.
    With No. 3 Toner, you can enjoy the moisture and nutrition of the essence as well as the clean absorption of the toner. It is easily absorbed without being sticky, allowing for daily use and boasting a greater level of satisfaction.
    100% satisfaction with the product's overall absorbency and 100% satisfaction with the product overall during the evaluation test demonstrated the product's absorption and satisfaction.
    The viscous, elastic texture evenly distributes moisture throughout the skin without making it stick.
    With just one application, the Numbuzin Number Toners quench skin thirst, and the No. 3 Full Glow Essence Toner is a fermented essence toner that contains 50 fermented ingredients to fill up the glow.
    Recommended for skin that lacks glow and elasticity, as well as dull skin tones.

    Apply a moistened cotton pad to the palm of your hand and layer it along the skin texture as if you were covering the entire face as the first step in skin care after cleansing.
    If you use it as an all-in-one toner, use a generous amount on the palm of your hand after washing your face and letting it absorb gently along the skin's texture, then wrap your hands around your face to provide warmth and apply cream to complete your skin care regimen.
    Apply No. 3 toner generously to a thin cotton pad and apply it to your face after adjusting the texture with a cotton pad, leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes, then remove and allow it to absorb and result in glowing, healthy skin.

    It is a fermented essence toner that fills the face with a luxurious glow, as if applying concentrated essence, and has 50 fermented ingredients.
    Take care of your complexion, moisture, radiance, elasticity, and nutrition with 50 fermented extracts, the main ingredients of cosmetics highly praised in department stores such as bifida fermented extract, lactobacillus/rice fermented product, Lactococcus/Phaseolus Radiatus Seed Extract Ferment Filtrate, chlorella fermented product, black yeast fermented filtrate, yeast fermented product, etc.
    Niacinamide and 50 fermented ingredients give it a full glow. It is safe to use Toner No. 3 because it does not contain 20 cautioned ingredients.
    It has a soft, yellowish texture, contains 50 fermented ingredients, and enables you to confidently take care of your skin.

    numbuzin No. 3 Super Glowing Essence Toner 300mL Special (+ No. 3 Super Glowing 5ea Kit)
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