BIOHEAL BOH Probioderm Lifting Cream TOP Special Set (50mL+50mL)

    BIOHEAL BOH Probioderm Lifting Cream TOP Special Set (50mL+50mL)

    $66.00 $70.00
    $66.00 $70.00

    Probioderm Lifting Cream is a high-density, elastic-fit tantan cream that is a masterpiece of Bio Heal BOH, which only thought about elasticity.
    It is a high-density, elastic-fitting product that won the 2022 Olive Young Awards WINNER in the cream category.
    It is a product proven by major leaguers like Double chin expert Jo Du-pal, skin researcher Min Dong-seong, face shape master Yuli, 690,000 beauty wannabe Hazel, celebrity meridian master Bae Eun-jung, for elasticity, and the elasticity of the double chin, face shape, vertical pores, and nasolabial folds are also shown by Bio Heal BOH.
    The combination of Bio Heal BOH Tantan Cream and Heart Gua Sha is effective. 1st place in Olive Young Firming Cream, 100% satisfaction with double chin lifting and cheek lifting effect, and 7,000 cumulative reviews, verifying the firming care effect of Bio Heal BOH Tantan Cream.
    Yuli and Jo Doupal recommended the product, saying that even a saggy chin and a firm face are completely easy if you follow them. It was a double chin care item chosen by YouTuber Jo Doo-pal with 420,000 subscribers, who was satisfied with makeup.
    It is a product that actresses and idols use before awards ceremonies and before filming dramas, and it is recommended by a famous celebrity meridian director.
    Face shape master Yuli was satisfied, saying that there's no other cream that matches up to this one for Gua Sha massages. Tightly pull with tantan cream, and tightly pull up with heart gua sha. If you are only lamenting over the noticeable mask marks and foundation skin troubles around your eyes, now is the time to use the tantan cream. It is the most loved Olive Young No. 1 firming cream with a strong track record, having won the Olive Young 2020 Awards in the anti-aging category, won the anti-aging cream WINNER of Glowpick, a meticulous beauty review media, and the No. 1 in the nutrition cream category of <15GRAM>, a beauty review channel.
    It is a second-generation tantan cream that was created with the know-how of skin care professionals who made the first-class firming cream. In the test, it was confirmed that skin (eye area) wrinkle improvement, cheek area lifting, skin elasticity improvement, skin density improvement, skin moisturizing improvement, double chin lifting improvement, skin elasticity resilience improvement, quadruple pore improvement, and skin thickness improvement were confirmed, verifying the elasticity care effect of the cream.
    It is a product with a 100% satisfaction rating, and as a result of the survey, 100% results were obtained for the feeling of improved skin elasticity, the cheek lifting effect, and a double chin lifting effect. In the test, the elasticity improvement effect was confirmed (10% improvement), skin pore volume measurement was completed (30% improvement), and skin thickness measurement was completed.
    According to the reviews of people who have used Tantan Cream, it fits so well, it feels satisfactory even with makeup on, it doesn't slip off at all, and it keeps the skin moist throughout the day. Contrary to the prejudice that elastic cream is heavy and burdensome, it is a product with a firm texture that feels elastic. Bio Heal BOH helps daily derma habits for tomorrow's skin.

    After using the lifting ampoule each morning and evening, take the appropriate amount and gently spread it along the skin's surface before gently covering the skin to allow for absorption.

    It contains the elastic aggregate discovered by Bio Heal BOH and exclusive patented Tantan Biome™. It is an elastic microbiome, and prebiotics are ingredients that boost the effect of fermented probiotics. Tantan Biome™, a patented ingredient containing the elasticity microbiome found in healthy skin in your 20s, maintains a firm skin structure and also helps relieve various signs of aging such as skin dryness, sagging pores, and pigmentation to create a healthy and elastic skin environment. What is more important than what you apply is how to reach the destination, which is heightened since this product contains a complex of ingredients in a small structure of 1/50 or 1/100 the size of general emulsified particles, and is applied with Deep-Livery™ technology, a patented technology that quickly and deeply penetrates the optimal place in the skin to transform it into firm skin. By containing 12 additional peptides that help improve skin elasticity, this peptide complex peaks skin elasticity.

    BIOHEAL BOH Probioderm Lifting Cream TOP Special Set (50mL+50mL)
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