6 Pairs for Trial (Limit one per Customer)
6 Pairs for Trial (Limit one per Customer)
6 Pairs for Trial (Limit one per Customer)
6 Pairs for Trial (Limit one per Customer)
6 Pairs for Trial (Limit one per Customer)

    6 Pairs for Trial (Limit one per Customer)

    $1.00 $9.60
    $1.00 $9.60

    TO YOU
    All day comfort, hygiene use,
    high definition vision.
    You shall know the truth.
    No Retail Markup
    We don't sell pre-made stock.
    Free engraving.
    "Experience the difference with Dewrop Premium Made Fresh-to-Order contact lenses, crafted exclusively for you. Your lenses are produced upon your order and shipped directly to your home. By overseeing the entire production and sales process without intermediaries, we offer premium quality at a more reasonable price.
    Just as clean dews adorn nature every morning, we believe Dewrop lenses will beautifully enhance your mornings and transform your life."
    World's First Make To Order For Highest Quality Assurance
    The ultimate Disposable Daily Contact Lenses Redefine
    Premium Grade Lenses Material for Dry Eyes Treatment
    Superb Moisture Retaining with High Oxygen Grade Material
    Aspheric Optic Design
    Widely clear and Bright Vision control
    UV Blocking
    2 in 1 DuoSoft CleanPack (*Patented Technology)
    The thinnest and smallest in the world innovatively package and convenient for use as two contact lenses can be packed at the same time cleanly and safely with front and back sides
    Ultra-Fit Lens Design
    Silky Comfort. Ultra Thin Edge Design
    ECO-Design (*Patented Design)
    Save 68% paper and plastic. Reduce 93% of the water normally used in contact lens packaging process
    2 in 1 DuoSoft CleanPack (*Patented Technology)
    Designed to protect the contact lenses from damage when take out the contact lenses and hygienically remove the lenses in one time from package without touching the eyepiece of the lens surface
    Aspheric Optic Design
    Widely clear and Bright Vision control
    It’s time to change.
    KILLER Price
    Order Made Superb QUALITY
    ECO Technology
    2 in 1 DuoSoft CleanPack
    HYGIENIC Touch Less

      Omafilcon A
      Water Content
      Base Curve
      UV blocking
      UVA + UVB
      Power Range
      -0.50 to -6.00
      (0.25D steps)
      -6.50 to -10.00
      (0.50D steps)
      Nominal Center Thickness
      Oxygen Permeability Dk/t
      Replacement Schedule
      Daily Disposable
      Shelf Life Duration
      5 Years
      Package Technology
      2 in 1
      DuoSoft CleanPack Technology
      *Fully US FDA, CE registered & approved.

    • How to buy?

      • Create an Account and get start 12 contacts trial of Dewrop Premium Super Fresh Daily Contact Lenses.
      • Dewrop payment is Non-Recurring Charge. Only flexible buy for your simple life.
      • If you are happy with Dewrop lenses, you can purchase at an honest price considering your usage schedule. All Dewrop premium daily contact lenses are free shipping and are made upon order. * To apply the Discount Code (If you have) on Mobile, you need to click [ Show order summary ] at the top of the checkout page, and can be entered the Discount Code.


      Why Dewrop doesn't offer a subscription service?

      Dewrop payment is Non-Recurring Charge. Only Flexible Buy. 

      Disposable contact lenses are not worn every day, 365 days a year. In the case of subscription, there may be cases where more or more lenses are left than you need, or you may have experienced the cumbersome STOP & GO of the subscription service payment system.

      Not everyone uses contact lenses every day. If you purchase with a subscription service, you will have to worry about remaining or insufficient lenses. It is more convenient and simple to purchase at the right time as needed 3 to 4 times a year.

      Dewrop simple life!
      We want to provide a simple way of life. This is a process of ordering in advance as needed at a more reasonable price.


      How long does it take to deliver after placing an order?

      Dewrop premium contact lenses are designed and personalized made to order by Dewrop innovative manufacturing technology in South Korea. We ship the next day from production in one day. We promise to supply you the best lenses in the best way. It is different from traditional contact lens companies. We do not make your products in advance and store them in a warehouse. You no longer need to use products that have already been made for a long time. We want to freshly supply you the best DEWROP Daily Contact Lenses.


    • Fundamental to Dewrop is ensuring that strict quality standards (US FDA, KFDA, CE, ISO 13485, cGMP, Internal & external Audit) are met at every step. We comply with extensive regulations regarding safety, efficacy and overall quality of our products.

    All Dewrop Premium Made-to-Order contact lenses are manufactured under the control of a certified Full Quality Assurance Management System, compliance with US FDA, KFDA, CE, ISO 13485.
    We are inspired by Korea's rich history of beauty
    Share the stories of our heritage.