Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun Plus 50mL

    Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun Plus 50mL

    $30.00 $33.00
    $30.00 $33.00

    It is strong against light and gentle on the skin, so it is safe for use.
    It is a product with blocking factor SPF50+ PA++++.
    It is an inorganic care product for sensitive skin.
    In the evaluation test for the UV group A and B protection factors, the UV group B protection factor SPF 50+, the UV group A protection factor PA++++ proved the Green Mild Up Sun Plus UV protection effect.
    After all, sunscreen speaks for the DR.G products. 2020 annual sales volume of 1,790,069, one sales time of 15 seconds, consumer rating of 4.7/5, and beauty awards 6 awards. Green Mild Up Sun Plus contains Dr.G's sincerity to introduce safer products.
    By upgrading the feeling of use, the application is smoother and the finish is improved, so it is lightly applied to the skin and provides a comfortable feeling over time.
    Green Mild Up Sun Plus is a product for sensitive and fragile skin. It is a zinc non-chemical care product that is milder for sensitive skin. Provides five-layer protection for sensitive skin from UVA, B, blue light, infrared rays, and anti-pollution.
    It is a fresh, long-lasting, close-fitting sunscreen. Clean beauty sun care product for sensitive skin.
    According to actual product reviews, it is a sunscreen that is comfortable on the skin, the ingredients are mild, and DR.G has the best sunscreen, and that proves why it’s the No.1 product.
    For sensitive skin, human body application tests such as suitability for sensitive skin use and skin irritation tests were completed.
    It is a sunscreen that protects the skin in 5 layers by blocking not only UV rays but also blue light, infrared rays, and anti-pollution.
    It is a fresh, close-fitting sunscreen that lasts for a long time with a refreshing cream formula that adheres to the skin without stickiness and forms a solid sunscreen protection film.
    This product is recommended for those who consider the trend clean beauty and think about the skin and the earth.
    It is a non-nano sunscreen for sensitive skin that is closer to the skin, and low irritation has been proven through tests (skin irritation test/suitable for sensitive skin use test/low skin irritation test).
    Recommended for those who are looking for a sunscreen that can be used on sensitive skin, those who are looking for a sunscreen that has not only UV rays but also anti-pollution and blue light blocking functions, and those who are looking for a clean beauty sunscreen that considers the environment.
    DR.G’s sunscreen makes everyone’s skin healthy.
    Dr.G's manufacturing principles that consider people and the environment include a marine ecosystem protection leaf safe formula, use of eco-friendly Camellia Sinensis Leaf recycled paper, Braille marking for the visually impaired, and solutions for sensitive skin.
    Dr.G knows the hearts of those with skin concerns more than anyone else, so it does not make a single product lightly.
    Dr.G strives to safely care for skin concerns with the technology of skin experts to realize skin science, and all products are mildly delivered only to the skin (skin irritation / sensitivity test completed), sustainable skin habits for skin health, proposing a keratin-moisturizing-UV ray care and researches the corresponding skin care.

    At the last step of skin care, take an appropriate amount of this product and spread it evenly over the area exposed to UV rays.

    As a product with upgraded ingredients, the content of skin soothing ingredients has been increased to make it more mild, and ingredients for skin health are also formulated to protect it from harmful light more healthily.
    Zinc oxide, which has a wide range of UV protection and is mild to the skin, bounces off light from the skin surface to keep sensitive skin mild. Zinc oxide has a wide range of UV protection and is mild enough to be used in skin care products, so it is good for sensitive skin.
    Centella Asiatica Extract, which is effective in soothing the skin, and Pycnogenol, which helps the skin to develop more healthy strength, enables a truly healthy sun care.
    Centella Asiatica Extract and Houttuynia Cordata Extract have soothing effects on sensitive skin, and Pycnogenol and pro-vitamin D enhances skin health.
    Excluding ingredients harmful to coral reefs, nonoxybenzone / non-octinoxate / non-octocrylene, which do not harm the sea{j}can take care of the environment with healthy ingredients.
    Separate collection can be done conveniently by using paper cushioning material and non-adhesive delivery box for environmentally friendly packaging.

    Purified water, zinc oxide, propanediol, butyl octyl salicylate, propyl heptyl caprylate, coco-caprylate/caprate, cyclohexasiloxane, caprylyl methicone, isododecane, polyglyceryl-3 poly Dimethylsiloxyethyldimethicone, methyltrimethicone, methylmethacrylate crosspolymer, disteadimonium hectorite, magnesium sulfate, triethoxycaprylylsilane, 1,2-hexanediol, poly Glyceryl-2dipolyhydroxystearate, laurylpolyglyceryl-3polydimethylsiloxyethyldimethicone, polymethylsilsesquioxane, glycerylcaprylate, caprylyl glycol, ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium hyaluronate, butylene glycol, tocopherol, centella asiatica extract, tara fruit extract, french coastal pine bark extract, cotony extract, 7-dehydrocholesterol, yam wheat extract, ectoin, wheatgrass flower extract, lactobacillus ferment , hydroxycinnamic acid, rutin

    Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun Plus 50mL
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