FATION NOSCA 9 Trouble Serum Special Set (50mL + 15mL)

    FATION NOSCA 9 Trouble Serum Special Set (50mL + 15mL)

    $43.00 $50.00
    $43.00 $50.00

    NOSCA9 Trouble Serum is the No.1 serum with cumulative sales exceeding 100,000 units, cumulative reviews of 7,456 units, and the product satisfaction rate is 96%.
    It is the #1 best product in Pation Official Mall, #1 Naver Smart Store Best Product, #1 11st Best Beauty, and #1 Olive Young Real-time Ranking Skin Care Serum.
    This serum is highly praised by beauty YouTubers and is a PICK product of Min Dong-seong from skin research, and left reviews saying that it is absorbed quickly and has an excellent soothing effect.
    Recommended for those who want a product that calms down quickly, can be used without worrying about acne-prone skin, is effective for troubles, and can be used lightly on the entire face daily without stickiness.
    In the HWAHAE cosmetics survey of 295 people on the NOSCA9 Trouble Serum, a trouble-soothing care product, 97% said "I want to use it when my skin is sensitive", 97% said "I didn't feel any irritation on my skin", and 97% said "It applies lightly to my skin", and has an overall evaluation result of 96% product satisfaction.
    Single use helps to soothe skin irritated by external stimuli and improves reddened skin color by 129.8% and skin moisture loss by 82.4%. Single use helps to soothe skin irritation caused by heat, and it was improved by 55.3%.
    It is suitable for use on acne-prone skin and improves skin oil by 31%, whiteheads by 34.0%, and blackheads by 41.5%. With a sensitive skin irritation index of 0.00, even sensitive skin can use it safely.

    At the serum or ampoule stage, spread evenly on the skin and dab lightly to absorb.
    1. For dry areas, layering 2~3 times is recommended.
    2. On special occasions, moisten a cotton pad and apply it like a pack for 20~30 minutes of intensive care. (Rayon cotton pads are recommended)

    It contains 46% of Heparin RX Complex™, a proprietary raw material developed by Dong-A Pharmaceutical, and is a soothing solution that has been studied for 9 years for troubled skin that is easily sensitive.
    Heparin RX Complex™ contains sodium heparin that helps to care for the irritated skin barrier, panthenol that provides high moisturizing and soothing effects (contains 3% in total), allantoin that provides moisture and soothing effects to rough skin, and Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract that helps to keep firm and healthy skin, and Malus Domestica Fruit Extract, a patented ingredient for sebum secretion relief and acne-prone skin.
    Rapid-some technology™ is a bio-technology that softens the particles containing key ingredients according to the structure of the stratum corneum and allows them to be quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin.

    50ml large-capacity, twice the capacity of the original 30ml, with a gift of 15ml.
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