fwee Cushion Glasss 15g
fwee Cushion Glasss 15g
fwee Cushion Glasss 15g
fwee Cushion Glasss 15g
fwee Cushion Glasss 15g
fwee Cushion Glasss 15g
fwee Cushion Glasss 15g

    fwee Cushion Glasss 15g

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    This product lets you skip makeup foundation but keeps the glow on the skin that and weighed down underneath masks.
    It also has SPF 50+ PA+++ functions.
    Recommended for people who have trouble with dry skin that smudges underneath face masks, skin that's gotten stifled after makeup skincare, skin that gets worse with every correction, and overly moist and sticky skin glow.
    The Fwee cushion pre-testing resulted in a 100% satisfaction on moisture after use, a 98% satisfaction on thin and light adhering power, a 91% satisfaction on covering blemishes and pores, and a 96% satisfaction on skin texture.
    It provides a well-cared and moisturized glow, even with just a toner during busy mornings, and moisturizes instantly even after wiping it off.
    Testing has shown an increase in moisture levels by just using a wipe-off toner and a Fwee Glass, without any complicated skincare routines.
    The evenly constructed special powder particles adhere evenly onto the skin, along with a double-layered film and moisturizing components, giving it a refreshing finish as if you went through a skincare routine.
    It can pull off a well-cared skin glow without irritating the skin, since it has completed human testing and was judged as an hypoallergenic product. It can provide a healthy moisturized glow from the inner skin layer, unlike an artificial oily glow that feels greasy and heavy.
    It provides a clear, real skin glow that looks better as time goes on, making bright and glassy skin possible without worrying about darkening.
    The seamlessly adhered glow base conceals lines caused by face masks, so you can take them off without worrying about anything.
    The glassy, extra reflective oil and high-adhering fitting gel makes it possible to create a pure and elegant skin glow with every pat of the puff.
    Fwee's glass texture makes single-layer coverage possible, and it feels like your own skin afterwards.
    The light coverage creates a skin texture that looks like your natural skin. The Premium Rubycell Puff is a Glass product puff that makes products last longer and maximizes skin glow even with a single pat, its teardrop shape lets it apply a seamless layer on delicate areas such as around the nose and eyes, delivers moisture and removes oils, and can create a glossy finish by killing off 99.9% of germs.

    Take a suitable amount on the puff and evenly apply it on the skin.

    [Color Feature]
    The 00 Clear Glass is a clear bright beige (originally no. 13) for no. 13 to 15 skin tones. It is recommended for lighter no. 13 skin tones who found the 01 Fair Glass a bit lacking, is a no.0 product for bright skin tones, and its ivory color is brighter than original no. 1 products.
    The 01 Fair Glass is a neutral, clear ivory color (originally no. 17) for no. 17 to 19 skin tones.
    The 1.5 Peach Glass is a lively neutral pink beige (originally no. 21) for bright no. 21 skin tones. It is recommended for more pink no. 21 skin tones who found the 02 Nude Glass a bit lacking, and is a pink base right in the middle of no. 1 and no. 2.
    The 02 Nude Glass is a calm light yellow beige (originally no. 21) for no. 21 to 22 skin tones.
    The 03 Natural Glass is a neutral beige with no red undertones (originally no. 23) for healthy no. 23 skin tones.

    The Fixing Glow product minimizes smudging from face masks by seamlessly setting the glossy skin glow with the exclusive Xfine (TM) technology.
    It has boosted moisturizing effects through 65% hydrating essence ingredients and 40 kinds of skincare components.
    Instead of water, which takes up the highest amount in components, this Fwee product contains 33% Belgian Spa Onsen Sui, which maintains inner skin moisture and makes the skin glow, regardless of skin condition.
    The product ensure the makeup will apply well, containing 40 kinds of skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which maintains moisture, xylitol, which cools the skin and locks the moisture in, and aqua ceramide, which strengthens the skin barrier.
    The xylitol has an instant cooling effect, lowering the skin temperature to ensure the makeup sticks well and providing a moisturized glow that can be seen with every pat.

    fwee Cushion Glasss 15g
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