LACTO-FIT Probiotics Gold 30 Sticks 1-Month Supply

    LACTO-FIT Probiotics Gold 30 Sticks 1-Month Supply

    $13.00 $16.00
    $13.00 $16.00

    The LACTO-5X™ formula, a combination of Lactofit's own key strains, is used to create Lactofit Gold, a live lactobacillus that is tailored for the entire family.
    As anticipated, Lactobacillus is Korea's top-selling lactobacillus brand, selling one bottle every second and surpassing 1 trillion in sales, having won the top prize for four consecutive years, and having ranked first in purchase rate for the same period of time.
    It is Korea's top-selling lactofit live lactobacillus, enabling anyone to enjoy lactobacillus anywhere with a wider selection and a more affordable price.
    The upgraded Gold version doubles the amount of guaranteed bacteria and includes zinc for healthy immune function.
    Lactofit Gold continues to develop for the intestinal health of the whole family.
    For those who have difficulty choosing good lactobacillus, Lactofit presents an advanced standard for lactic acid bacteria.
    It is created through the following process: 1) Analysis of lactobacillus types: Genome analysis for each lactobacillus strain; 2) Cultivation/production of key lactobacillus strains: Establishment of a differentiated database unique to Lactofit; 3) Establishment of LACTO-5X™ formula: combining strains by applying Lactofit’s unique technology. This product guarantees 2 billion CFU of probiotics per pack per day by doubling the amount of lactic acid bacteria compared to the current Lactofit Live Lactobacillus Gold.
    Recommened for those who do not have smooth bowel movements, those who have a bloated stomach or are concerned about intestinal health, those who want regular bowel movements, office workers who sit in a chair for a long time, students, the elderly with reduced intestinal lactobacilli, infants and children with sensitive intestines, and the whole family.
    It is a product that collaborates with Chong Kun Dang Group, an organization with an 80-year history that specializes in fermentation. By operating an intestinal microbial bank and conducting research on the intestinal microbiome, the Chong Kun Dang Group, which developed this product, supports public health. The group is a leading probiotics company based on Korea's best fermentation technology; Chong Kun Dang, an 80-year-old pioneer in fermentation technology, studies and develops the microbiome, Chong Kun Dang Bio creates superior lactic acid bacteria and manages a microbiome bank, and Chong Kun Dang Health is the industry leader in lactic acid bacteria production and sales and chooses, combines, and commercializes superior lactic acid strains.
    The Lactic Acid Bacteria and Probiotics Society's collaborative research and development helped the Chong Kun Dang Group gain expertise, create functional strains through the management of the intestinal microorganism bank, and advance research and development through the management of the Probiotics Research Center.
    Chong Kun Dang Group strictly and meticulously manages and provides them all at once, from the development of lactic acid bacteria strains to production and distribution.
    It is possible to meet the scientifically created lactofit live lactobacillus by examining each environment because the intestinal environment varies depending on the individual, age, and circumstance. When the intestines are healthy, the body is healthy, and when the intestines are unhealthy, harmful bacteria multiply while beneficial bacteria decline; the intestines' balance of good and bad bacteria can become upset for a number of reasons, which is why you need this product.

    Take 1 packet once a day, before or after meals without water.

    It is crucial to properly mix the lactobacillus because they are all located differently in the intestine. Therefore, Lactofit has identified the ratio of lactobacilli that predominately live in each location in the duodenum, small intestine, and large intestine after conducting 3 years of research and 3,000 tests. To increase the impact, the core strain combination LACTO-5X™ was discovered and strengthened. The combination of five essential strains, LACTO-5X™, improved specialization.
    Utilizing strains that have undergone scientific validation through SCI-level thesis registration and cutting-edge analysis technology, reliability was ensured.
    The new formula contains lactic acid bacteria + lactobacillus food + lactobacillus metabolites at once to increase the effect.
    LACTO-5X™ is a state-of-the-art analysis technology (NGS: a next-generation sequencing technique that can analyze the diversity, distribution, and composition ratio of microorganisms) unique to Lactofit, and it can be trusted by using only core strains that have been verified through analysis of the diversity, distribution, and composition ratio of microorganisms.
    Zinc is required for healthy immune function and normal cell division. It is also a vital nutrient for the wellbeing of our family and a shield for our body.
    One packet of Lactofit Gold contains new biotics, zinc, and lactobacillus metabolites (postbiotics, supplementary ingredients) to increase the effect.

    LactoFit Gold 30 packets.
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