Re,move Plain Skin Bra (No adhesive)
Re,move Plain Skin Bra (No adhesive)

    Re,move Plain Skin Bra (No adhesive)

    $23.28 $24.00
    $23.28 $24.00

    You can enjoy the comfort that 200,000 women have chosen by wearing this skin bra.
    It offers excellent coverage, 30 reuses, and 0% skin irritation. You can select a color that matches your skin by using the subdivided skin bra color options.
    Without having to worry about a gel's strong adhesion, you can wear it all day. During the course of the 3-week test, the product's adhesion satisfaction score remained at 4.8.
    An adhesive gel that was applied uniformly and without gaps improved adhesion to the chest.
    It is a reusable product with an adhesive strength that allows for at least one month of wear and can be worn more than 30 times. According to the experience group's review, the adhesive power is really stronger than the first version, and they are satisfied with the adhesive power, saying that they are always surprised by the stronger adhesive power when attaching, wiping, and drying.
    Even when attached for 24 hours, it is a product with 0.00% skin irritation that does not respond to the skin of all study subjects. According to the testimonials of the experience group, they were satisfied with the stability, saying that other companies' products made their skin sensitive when sweating, but the skin bra was good because it did not irritate the skin at all.
    It is a product with skin-like coverage that can be worn even on white clothes without any problems thanks to the coated surface and clean finish. With a diameter of 8 cm and an extra thickness of 0.4 mm, it is wide and thin, so you do not have to worry about thin clothes.
    It is a product with two or more strong curvatures, and the strong curvature that matches the chest curve creates a perfect fit. According to the testimonials of the experience group, they were satisfied with the coverage, saying that even when the wind blows and the clothes stick to the body.
    With color options subdivided according to skin tone and areola pigment, it is possible to select a color that matches your skin. According to the experience group's review, as a skin bra user, they like that the choice of color has increased, and they are using both colors according to the situation.
    If the color of the areola is lighter or light to middle in tone, the bright skin bra is recommended; and if the color of areola is dark in medium tone or dark tone, the skin bra is recommended. It is a product with the most practical storage method, and it blocks dust with a magnetic box and a plastic dome. If you wash and dry immediately after use, you can manage it pleasantly and increase its durability.
    According to the experience group's review, they were satisfied with the storage method, saying that they lost the vinyl of other companies every time, but the plastic dome was attached according to the shape, so it was very convenient.
    Recommended for if you want subtle coverage, if you want products that are harmless to your skin, if you want to keep them hygienic and safe, if you often wear close-fitting clothes (sleeveless • undergarments), if you want convenient cleaning and care, if you want to choose colors that match your skin, if you often wear loose-fitting products, or if you want to wear it with swimsuits (looser swimsuits recommended).

    When there is no oil or moisture present, firmly attach the nipple cover to the breast.
    The nipple cover should be washed after use, dried in a dryer, and then attached to a vinyl or plastic dome for storage.

    Made of silicon: Not causing any pain and skin irritation 8 cm in diameter with a thickness of 0.4 mm: Ensures high coverage and feels like natural breasts.
    You can use it with confidence because it was made with materials that are safe for sensitive breast skin and place an emphasis on safety.
    You can use the silicone and adhesive with confidence because they are Rohs-certified and because silicone has not been found to contain any cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, PBB, or PBDE Instead of easily lost vinyl, it can be fastened to a circular plastic dome.
    The nipple cover is simple to store thanks to the reliable magnetic box.

    The Bright Skin Bra is suitable for people with light skin tone and pale areola color, recommended for skin tones from No. 17 to 21 are suitable for bright clothes and a color that will suit you if the existing skin bra seems too dark, specifically for people with low melanin pigment.
    Re,move Plain Skin Bra (No adhesive)
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