Teazen Kombucha Peach 10ea

    Teazen Kombucha Peach 10ea

    $7.62 $10.00
    $7.62 $10.00

    Teazen Kombucha is a sweet and tangy well-being tea with refreshing fruity flavor, strong carbonation, 12 lactic acid bacteria, and prebiotics.
    Teazen Kombucha is Korea's no.1 product that achieved 100 million gross sales since release as of February 2022, as well as first place in the 2021 Brand of the Year Award Kombucha Category.
    With 0g of sugar and 15kcal per serving, it can be enjoyed without worrying about calories. Because Kombucha is made by fermenting tea such as black tea or green tea, the Teazen Kombucha also contains a small amount of caffeine: berry flavor has 0mg per stick, peach flavor has less than 1mg per stick, pineapple flavor has less than 2mg per stick, and lemon and yuzu have less than 3mg per stick.
    For those concerned about caffeine, the zero caffeine berry Kombucha is recommended since it only used hibiscus and no black or green tea. It can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime, since it is easy to store and quickly dissolves in water.
    It is convenient to carry around outdoors, letting you enjoy a Teazen Kombucha after a workout. With low caffeine, sugar, and calories, the entire family can enjoy it instead of coffee or soft drinks.
    It can be enjoyed any time of day, except for right after waking up and on an empty stomach, and it can be taken often for hydration or a refreshing drink.

    Pour 1 stick of Kombucha into 250 to 500ml of water or 250ml of ice water before shaking or stirring well.
    The colder the water, the stronger the carbonation. If pouring directly into a water bottle, drink 2 to 3 sips (50ml) of the water to make empty space before putting in the Kombucha and closing the lid to shake it.
    If pouring into sparkling water, stir 100ml of water and Teazen Kombucha in a cup before slowly pouring in the sparkling water along the inner wall of the cup.
    If you see any sediment, shake the container well since it means that the Kombucha has not completely dissolved.
    Teazen Kombucha does not have a daily requirement, but it is recommended to take 2 to 5 sticks per day for a healthy adult.

    Contains Kombucha powder from Germany as well as prebiotics and 12 lactic acid bacteria, and it helps with keeping healthy with sweet pineapple flavor.
    To prevent nutrient loss such as probiotics, the Teazen Kombucha powder is made through the FD (Freeze Drying) technique, where the Kombucha concentrate is dried to maintain the nutrients and flavor of the original ingredient.
    The healthy fermented drink also contains 12 types of live lactic acid bacteria and prebiotics, further helping you keep healthy. Teazen Kombucha can be enjoyed by anyone with 0% alcohol content, since the alcohol is volatilized during the process of turning the Kombucha into powder, and 0 to 3mg of caffeine per stick, which is a very low amount compared to soft drinks or coffee.

    Teazen Kombucha Peach 10ea
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